Friday, April 10, 2009

Elegant Easter Eggs.... by Maddylane

I just love eggs, they are the ultimate symbol of creativity. My love for eggs began early, for when I was a young girl we had a farm with chickens and horses. My job was to take care of the chickens. Up at 5 am to feed them and to collect the eggs, (that explains why I still like to get up so early, but now its to take pictures. To pick up those just laid warm eggs, everyday was an egg hunt. I’ll never forget that feeling. Today I honor eggs, I even incorporate eggs in my everyday d├ęcor. I have a special collection.

I just posted and Elegant Easter Egg project that is so easy to do, it will keep the kids busy in the kitchen while you can take care of all the weekend preparations; Kids are visual, you just have to show them how to do one and they will catch on… I say this from years of making Easter eggs with kids. Enjoy!

All the best for Easter, wishing you a very Happy Easter Weekend.

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