Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teardrops on my Guitar...

Its raining alot today, thought this capture went well with todays weather.... its not a reflection of my mood! ;)

Teardrops on my Guitar by Maddylane

During my spring cleaning I discovered that my guitar was broken. I had it for 20 years. Not sure what happened to it. Looks like the kids where playing with it, but no one is confessing. It then occurred to me that often we neglect the things that we care about because they are always there, until they are not, then we miss them.
Conclusion, to take care of the things you care about to avoid broken guitars!

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1 comment:

mika said...

hiii, thanks for follow me and for nice words
i really like u blogs and photos it is fantastic,this photo are so soulful,
i sorry for u guitar, but everything can be repair :D
Greetings from Egypt