Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring ~ Summer Decor Trends & inspirations...

Spring Decor

Inspirations comes from many places, I would even say that we all inspire each other in many ways. As a designer, one of my favorite things to do is simply go window shopping...no buying. I like to see the retail trends and then I put my on interpretations and twist into my creations. Sometimes its a fabric or a colour that will inspire me, or a shape or a unique detail. It's never just one thing as a whole, its a combination of bits and pieces of the things I have seen. It can even be a fashion item I saw on a walker by. I always come back from these excursions most inspired. I always look at it all as a whole, the decorations, the fashions, the buildings, all of it inspires me in one form or an other. These are some of the items that caught my creative eye and spirit this season while in Montreal window shopping and at the Montreal Spring Gift Show which is for trade only (so you can get an concept of what up and coming).

After I see things that inspire me, I let them simmer, I kayak, I get inspired by nature and then when I make things, I get a creative serge that leads the way to a new creation.

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