Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MIY Painting on Dishes...using textures

With Mother's Day just around the corner....Dish it up for Mother's Day
Hand painted with care to give with love for Mother's Day. Make it Special, Make it yourself!!!!

Dish it up with Textures:
Don't just paint a dish, texturize it with style!
Dish it up with color and texture to create style and most original chinaware creations: Transform a plain china bowl (or other various items) into a personalized gift. You can create different textured patterns by using assorted paintbrushes or faux-finishing tools with an array of bright, Porcelaine 150 heat-set paints. The specialty paints can be set in your own oven, which makes them dishwasher and oven safe. To top the gift off, fill it with a few of mom's favorite things.

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