Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day ~ Miy Eco-Friendly Garden Decor ~ “Bee-utiful Baskets”

MIY Eco-Friendly Garden Decor: Re-cycled & Re-vamped
“Bee-utiful Baskets” with Eco Buzz”,

Don’t just throw out old under the weather looking flower baskets. Recycle them by
reviving them colour and style. Make them look even better than new by using latex
paints for plastics. The paint’s special formula creates a spectacular weather-resistant
finish. The best way to apply paint to wicker baskets and items (aside from spray
painting them) is to use a sponge brush. Unlike a standard paintbrush, a sponge brush
can get the paint into all the nooks and grooves evenly buy just squeezing the brush
over theses areas.. The colourful baskets are embellished with a bejewelled collars and
bead-and-wire bugs, bees and dragonflies to beautify them.

Fill your newly created eco deco basket with gardening goodies or blooms for Mom, a perfect Mother's Day gift that she is sure to enjoy!!!! TO view the full MIY eco craft project visit miycreations

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Niesz Vintage Home said...

I love that! What a fantastic idea.
The red paint ties them all together. Great way to coordinate mis-matched planters, too.

Kimberly :)

MaddyLane Designs said...

Hi Kimberly, thank you, glad you stopped by for a visit :)
Have a wonderful day!